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Omega Oils

Omega Oils

Essential fatty acids, more commonly referred to as Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, are healthy fats that the body cannot synthesize itself and therefore must be obtained through high quality dietary sources on a daily basis. Read More

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Antarctic Krill Oil

60 capsules (500mg): A source of Omega 3 and astaxanthin


Dietary Fibre Complex v4

Dietary Fibre Complex is a multi-fibres blend, providing 513mg of dietary fibre per capsule.



500g powder: Plant protein from hemp PLUS 15 superfoods


HempNourish Choc-Mint

500g powder: Chocolate and mint flavour hemp protein powder plus superfoods


Omega 3-6-9

60 gelatin capsules (1000mg): A balanced blend of these beneficial oils