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Colon Cleansers

Colon Cleansers

Nutritional medicine places much emphasis on the state of the colon in terms of overall health and well-being. Read More

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COL-Clear A

100 capsules: Colon health support


COL-Clear B

100 capsules: Internal cleanse support


Fibre and Full v4

180g powder: Combination high-fibre bowel cleanser and weight loss support


Enema Kit

2 litre capacity boxed Enteroclisma FullWash home enema kit



30 capsules: Saccharomyces boulardii probiotic yeast


Gut-Buddies Infantis

30x 1g powder sachets: Children's probiotic powder


Nat-Lax TNT

90 capsules: Herbal colon blend for bowel health support


Multi-Flora ProBio

30 capsules: A high-strength, multi-strain probiotic



100 capsules: Magnesium based 'oxy' formula, to support faecal bulk and normal bowel function



90 capsules: Gastrointestinal cleanse support


ProBio MAX

30 capsules: A practitioner-strength, multi-strain probiotic